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Lynn has more than thirty years of world-class experience in creating innovative technology. He has been responsible for hundreds of projects completed on six continents. As Chief Executive Officer for Oxmoor Corporation and Sonics Associates, Lynn was the primary architect of both companies' growth strategies and oversaw worldwide operations including offices in Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.

He supervised teams that conceived the award-winning sound systems used since 1981 in IMAX theatres around the world.  


Lynn created Oxmoor Corporation in 1985 as a subsidiary to Sonics, a company that he cofounded in 1971. Under his leadership, Sonics produced the first digital sound tracks and playback hardware for motion pictures. He holds patents for 3D sound localization technologies that have been used to produce sound tracks for films by Columbia Pictures, Todd AO Sound and Walt Disney Studios.  He has served as a sound consultant for Tri-Star Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Yamaha International and numerous other companies and was the executive in charge of sound technologies for the "Back to the Future" and "Jaws" attractions built for Universal Studios. Due to his list of achievements, Lynn was awarded the Samuel L. Warner Award by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) for his contribution to Motion Pictures.


Founder & CEO - Lynn McCroskey
Founder & President - Kevin McCroskey
Kevin started his career in the music business with his first venture being Odyssey Music Festival. He was the Founder and Director for the event, including raising capital, obtaining the event location and securing event sponsorships. Odyssey Music Festival was a 2 day camping music event which played host to 25 national, regional and local bands. After graduating from Auburn University, Kevin began working in sales at Oxmoor Corporation, where he managed the ZON Audio dealer direct accounts in addition to directing the domestic distributor program. Since 2008 Kevin has served as both Sales Director and now President for Twist Technology, LLC, one of the top custom technology integrators in the United States.
Founder & VP of Engineering - Victor Ditoro
Victor started his career with PACE Learning Systems doing statistical analysis and creating system and user interface designs for the computer-based-learning market in the early days of graphical computing. After this, Victor created his own consulting and design company that focused on software design in markets where ease of use was paramount, such as governmental buildings or probate offices. Victor provided software services for Sonics Associates, and later joined the Sonics team to help create the world’s first digital audio playback and control systems for theatres (DTAC), which is used by IMAX theatres worldwide. Following the acquisition of Sonics by Imax Corporation, Victor joined Oxmoor Corporation as chief of software engineering. Victor designed the user interface and playback software for Oxmoor’s ZON Whole House Digital Audio product family, bringing a new level of intuitiveness to a market dominated by complicated products.  Since 2008 Victor has served as Vice-President of Engineering for Twist Technology, LLC, one of the top custom technology integrators in the United States.  Victor brings years of system and interface design to Twist, where he continues to innovate by simplifying.
Founder & VP of Installations - Joe Bennett
Joe started his career with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, directing all guest service operations for the facility, including the Space Dome Imax Theatre. Working with both the Sonics and IMAX companies for over a decade, Joe had an opportunity to leave the institutional field and join Sonics and IMAX as their director of aftermarket sales. Following the acquisition of Sonics by Imax Corporation, Joe joined the Oxmoor team as its chief marketing and sales executive. Joe directed the world-wide launch of ZON branded products, establishing sales distribution channels for both domestic and international markets.  Through this role Joe worked side by side with some of the nations top custom integrators.  Since 2008 Joe has served as Vice-President of Installation for Twist Technology, LLC, one of the top custom technology integrators in the United States.  Joe brings years of management, operations and sales experience to Twist.
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